The Wild Bunch-1969

Title:The Wild Bunch
Release Date:1969
Imdb Rating:8
Director:Sam Peckinpah
Stars:William Holden,Ernest Borgnine,Robert Ryan,Edmond O'Brien,Warren Oates,Jaime Sánchez,Ben Johnson,Emilio Fernández,Strother Martin,L.Q. Jones,Albert Dekker,Bo Hopkins,Dub Taylor,Paul Harper,Jorge Russek
Storyline:It's 1913, and the traditional American West is dying. Among the inhabitants of this dying time era are a outlaw gang called "The Wild Bunch". After a failed bank robbery, the gang head to Mexico to do one last job. Seeing their times and lives drifting away in the newly formed world of the 20th century, the gang take the job and end up in a brutally, violent last stand against their enemies who deemed to be corrupt in a small Mexican town, ruled by a ruthless general.