The Strange One-1957

Title:The Strange One
Release Date:1957
Imdb Rating:7.1
Director:Jack Garfein
Stars:Ben Gazzara,Pat Hingle,Peter Mark Richman,Arthur Storch,Paul E. Richards,Larry Gates,Clifton James,Geoffrey Horne,James Olson,Julie Wilson,George Peppard
Storyline:Jocko De Paris, cadet leader in a Southern military academy, so manipulates events that George Avery, Jr., son of the school's executive officer, is found drunk and expelled. Through various pressures, Jocko silences such involuntary accomplices as his roommate Harold Koble, football star Roger Gatt and freshmen Robert Marquales and Maynard Simmons, a girl-fearing cadet whom Jocko terrorizes into dating Rosebud, a town girl.