The Legend of Alfred Packer-1980

Title:The Legend of Alfred Packer
Release Date:1980
Imdb Rating:4.9
Director:James W. Roberson
Stars:Patrick Dray,Ronald Haines,Jim Dratfield,Bob Damon,Dave Ellingson,Ronny Holiday,William Broder,Teresa Wickersham,Lawrence Bleir,Cynthia Nessin,Jim Beaman,Lester Miller,Ruth Seder,J. Michael Eckert,Tom Peru
Storyline:Alfred (also known as Alferd) Packer promoted himself as a guide to a group of pioneers hoping to find silver in the mountains of Colorado. After wandering through the wilderness with his clients, insisting that he knew where he was going, it soon became evident that the group was hopelessly lost, and would have to face the harsh winter on their own. As food supplies ran out and the men began to starve, Packer made the fateful decision to save himself by any means possible, and use his unlucky clients as food.