The Crooked Way-1949

Title:The Crooked Way
Release Date:1949
Imdb Rating:6.7
Director:Robert Florey
Stars:John Payne,Sonny Tufts,Ellen Drew,Rhys Williams,Percy Helton,John Doucette,Charles Evans,Greta Granstedt,Raymond Largay,Harry Bronson,Hal Baylor,Don Haggerty,Jack Overman,Crane Whitley,John Harmon
Storyline:A World War II veteran, suffering from amnesia but otherwise healthy, is released from a veteran's hospital, decides to return to Los Angeles to see if he can regain his identity. Trying to retrace his former steps he soon learns that he was a double-crossing gangster, and many people have reasons to wish he wasn't around...and some try to see to it that he isn't around very long...alive, at least.