Running Woman-1998

Title:Running Woman
Release Date:1998
Imdb Rating:3.4
Director:Rachel Samuels,David Blass
Stars:Theresa Russell,Andrew Robinson,Anthony Crivello,Eddie Velez,Richard Joseph Paul,Robert LaSardo,Gary Graham,David McCurley,Melinda Songer,Gregory Cruz,Seidy Lopez,Christopher Pennock,Jeffrey Scott Jensen,Castulo Guerra,Brian Lally
Storyline:Emily Russo and her son are victims of a carjacking that results in the Sam's death. No one believes that thugs dressed as cops are the perpetrators; in fact Emily is accused of committing the murder herself and inventing the carjacking story as a cover. On the run from the police, she tries to find and killers on her own and discovers that the crime might not have been as random as it first appeared.