Little Erin Merryweather-2007

Title:Little Erin Merryweather
Release Date:2007
Imdb Rating:5.1
Director:David Morwick,Michael Civille
Stars:Vigdis Anholt,David Morwick,Elizabeth Callahan,Frank Ridley,Jillian Wheeler,R. Brandon Johnson,Marc Bonnée,Phil Darovic,Danielle Budlong,James Henderson,William Stone Mahoney,Heather Little,Lisa Nunn,Josef Wille,Janelle Loring
Storyline:Once upon a time, death preyed upon a New England college campus. Rumors swirl that "if you see a flash of red, you're dead!" Local golden boy, Peter Bloom (David Morwick) investigates the grisly killings until the stakes grow higher and the body count mounts. Suddenly, Peter's search becomes a fight for survival in a fairy tale world full of nightmares.