Grave of the Fireflies-1988

Title:Grave of the Fireflies
Release Date:1988
Imdb Rating:8.5
Director:Isao Takahata
Stars:Tsutomu Tatsumi,Ayano Shiraishi,Akemi Yamaguchi,Yoshiko Shinohara,Tadashi Nakamura,Marcy Bannor,Shelley Calene-Black,Luci Christian,Shannon Conley,Justin Doran,Crispin Freeman,Adam Gibbs,Dan Green,Amy Jones,Susan O. Koozin
Storyline:The story of Seita and Satsuko, two young Japanese siblings, living in the declining days of World War II. When an American firebombing separates the two children from their parents, the two siblings must rely completely on one another while they struggle to fight for their survival.