Fists of Righteous Harmony-2008

Title:Fists of Righteous Harmony
Release Date:2008
Imdb Rating:3.4
Director:Metin Gungor,Aaron Huisenfeldt
Stars:Andrew Hwang,Siso Kamburov,Joe Saldana,Aaron Huisenfeldt,Metin Gungor,Pat Toohey,Andrea Jackson,Tiffany McClintock,Gregory Martin,Dave Marandola,Arlan Jewell,Elizabeth Spilker,Stephen Oyoung,Holly Hoffman,Rachel de Leon
Storyline:The Fists of Righteous Harmony is a group of centuries-old crime fighters that use highly developed fighting techniques and psychic ability to fight crime. The Dark Monk, a fallen monk of the Franciscan order has resurfaced from the criminal underground to wreak havoc on the lives of the innocent. He has contracted the assassin Franco Gungori to eliminate the Fists beginning with Syko, whose psychic abilities enable the Fists to fight crime. Sister police detectives Andrea and Tiffany are distrustful of the ways of the Fists and vow to stop them, suspecting that they are connected to Franco Gungori who has also assassinated their father. With a corrupt police force in league with the drone-like Gang of the Black Mask the Fists are lucky to survive. After a series of events, the Fists must go into hiding and attempt to learn a secret Taoist martial arts technique in order to restore balance to the world.