Fast Track: No Limits-2008

Title:Fast Track: No Limits
Release Date:2008
Imdb Rating:5.1
Director:Axel Sand
Stars:Erin Cahill,Andrew W. Walker,Alexia Barlier,Joseph Beattie,Pasquale Aleardi,Maurice Roëves,Jack Bence,Shaun Prendergast,Tim Dantay,Nicholas Aaron,Ill-Young Kim,Fahri Yardim,Aykut Kayacik,Daniel Krauss,Willy Rachow
Storyline:Speed.. It's exhilaration. It's freedom. It's risk. And it's money, fast money: quickly won and quickly lost. For four young people speed is a way of life, but as they soon come to realize speed comes at a high cost. On the streets debts are not settled with cash, they are settled in blood.