Dorothy Mills-2008

Title:Dorothy Mills
Release Date:2008
Imdb Rating:6.1
Director:Agnès Merlet
Stars:Carice van Houten,Jenn Murray,David Wilmot,Ger Ryan,David Ganly,Gary Lewis,Rynagh O'Grady,Joe Hanley,Gavin O'Connor,Charlene McKenna,Louise Lewis,Ned Dennehy,Marie Mullen,Sean Stewart,Eamonn Owens
Storyline:Jane Morton, a psychiatrist from Dublin in deep mourning following the accidental death of her husband and son, is assigned to work on the case of Dorothy Mills, a teenaged girl in a small village who tried to strangle a baby. After miraculously surviving a car accident, Jane discovers a village darkened by strange events and meets a very nervous Dorothy, who swears she never touched the baby. After analyzing the teenager, Jane makes a diagnosis of multiple personality disorder until the day that Dorothy speaks with the voice of David, Jane's dead son.