Doomed to Die-1940

Title:Doomed to Die
Release Date:1940
Imdb Rating:5.6
Director:William Nigh
Stars:Boris Karloff,Marjorie Reynolds,Grant Withers,William Stelling,Catherine Craig,Guy Usher,Henry Brandon,Melvin Lang,Wilbur Mack,Kenneth Harlan,Richard Loo
Storyline:Shipping magnate Cyrus Wentworth, downcast over a disaster to his ocean liner 'Wentworth Castle' (carrying, oddly enough, an illicit shipment of Chinese bonds) is shot in his the very moment of kicking out his daughter's fiance Dick Fleming. Of course, Captain Street arrests Dick, but reporter Bobbie Logan, the attractive thorn in Street's side, is so convinced he's wrong that she enlists the help of detective James Lee Wong to find the real killer.