Release Date:2008
Imdb Rating:4
Director:Dusty DePree
Stars:Carol Dennis,Ron Jordan,Reggie Lee,Hugh B. Holub,Michael McMillian,Ashley Peldon,Jeff Chassler,Jamie Baker,Luke Primeau,Randy Spelling,Tasha Taylor,Madeline Zima,Gabrielle Carteris,Maylin Veal-Mayberry,Adria Dawn
Storyline:On a Saturday morning, Frances jolts awake from a frightening dream. That afternoon, while on a road trip with four friends, a bizarre chain of events leads her to a secluded house where a little girl lives with a man she refers to only as, "The Doctor". Here, Frances uncovers grisly horrors the little girl is subjected to and as Frances fights to save her young soul, her friends fight to save themselves from the monster the doctor has created.