Dick Tracy-1990

Title:Dick Tracy
Release Date:1990
Imdb Rating:6.1
Director:Warren Beatty
Stars:Warren Beatty,Madonna,Al Pacino,Charlie Korsmo,Michael Donovan O'Donnell,Jim Wilkey,Stig Eldred,Neil Summers,Chuck Hicks,Lawrence Steven Meyers,William Forsythe,Ed O'Ross,Glenne Headly,Marvellee Cariaga,Michael Gallup,Seymour Cassel,James Keane
Storyline:All Tess Trueheart wants is to settle down to a quiet life with her boyfriend, detective Dick Tracy. But there's something pretty rotten going on in town, with someone pretty rotten behind it, and Tracy has his hands full with the likes of villain Big Boy Caprice and with the almost irresistible Breathless Mahoney.