Dead Noon-2009

Title:Dead Noon
Release Date:2009
Imdb Rating:2.6
Director:Andrew Wiest
Stars:Kane Hodder,Robert Bear,Robert Milo Andrus,Lillith Fields,Scott Phillips,Elizabeth Mouton,Tye Nelson,Keith Suta,Kelsey McCann,Andrew Wiest,Ed Bosco,Cara Finch,Jordan Jansen-Mecca,Jen Kelsey,Nick Martin
Storyline:In this shoot 'em up western horror tale, ancient demons, walking skeletons and cowboy zombies join forces to take the law down in a blaze of hellfire and brimstone. With the powers of hell at his disposal, Frank, a blood-thirsty outlaw from the old west, is resurrected to seek his revenge on the present day town of Weston. As the past collides with the present, Sheriff Logan Kane, his incompetent younger brother, Stuart, and sexy gun shop owner Grace will have to fight a posse of the undead to save the town and rescue Logan's new bride from a fate worse than death.