Dark Floors-2008

Title:Dark Floors
Release Date:2008
Imdb Rating:4.5
Director:Pete Riski,Alan Smithee
Stars:William Hope,Leon Herbert,Ronald Pickup,Philip Bretherton,Noah Huntley,Dominique McElligott,Skye Bennett,Mr. Lordi,Kita,Amen,Ox,Awa,Jussi Haukkamaa,Hilla Haukkamaa,Hugo Haukkamaa
Storyline:While in the hospital for a tomography of the brain of his autistic daughter Sarah, Ben becomes upset when there is a power failure. He decides to leave the hospital with Sarah, while the nurse Emily tries to convince him to leave Sarah for further treatment. They get the elevator with three other passengers, and suddenly the elevator stops; when the door opens, people has vanished from the hospital, the environment is creepy and they are chased by devilish monsters. They find that they are trapped in the hospital, and the creatures seem to be hunting Sarah.