Dangerous Passage-1944

Title:Dangerous Passage
Release Date:1944
Imdb Rating:5.4
Director:William Berke
Stars:Robert Lowery,Phyllis Brooks,Charles Arnt,Jack La Rue,John Eldredge,Victor Kilian,Alec Craig,William Edmunds
Storyline:While living in Central America, Joe Beck receives word that his grandfather has passed away and left him $200,000. Beck prepares to travel to Galveston, Texas to claim his inheritance, with the important papers that he will need. When he is assaulted soon afterward, he changes plans and takes a ship leaving that night. Also on board is Nita, who herself seems to be in a hurry to leave port. Beck receives a number of veiled threats and warnings, and then is almost killed by an accident on deck. Beck soon realizes that he is facing two serious problems: an attempt to defraud him of his inheritance, and another plan to stop him from finding out what the ship's crew is up to.