Come and See-1985

Title:Come and See
Release Date:1985
Imdb Rating:8.2
Country:Soviet Union
Director:Elem Klimov
Stars:Aleksey Kravchenko,Olga Mironova,Liubomiras Laucevicius,Vladas Bagdonas,Jüri Lumiste,Viktor Lorents,Kazimir Rabetsky,Evgeniy Tilicheev,Aleksandr Berda,G. Velts,V. Vasilyev,Igor Gnevashev,Vasiliy Domrachyov,G. Yelkin,Evgeniy Kryzhanovskiy
Storyline:The feature film directed by Elem Klimov, shot in the genre of military drama. The action takes place on the territory of Belarus in 1943. In the center of the story is a Belarusian boy, who witnesses the horrors of the Nazi punitive action, turning from a cheerful teenager into a gray-haired old man for two days.