College Road Trip-2008

Title:College Road Trip
Release Date:2008
Imdb Rating:4.3
Director:Roger Kumble
Stars:Raven-Symoné,Martin Lawrence,Kym Whitley,Adam LeFevre,Eugene Jones III,Brenda Song,Margo Harshman,Lucas Grabeel,Matthew Schlein,Eshaya Draper,Will Sasso,Geneva Carr,Na'Kia Bell Smith,Josh Meyers,Lonny Ross
Storyline:Melanie Porter (Raven-Symone)is a talented high school graduate who has selected a University 800 miles from home. Her over protective father, James (Martin Lawrence) doesn't want her to be so far away, so he cooks up a plot to try to convince her to go to a local University. On the guise of going to her selected university, he forces a visit to his preferred (close to home) school. This is a typical road trip movie with lost cars, bumming rides on buses and planes, covering that difficult time of life when a father loses control of his daughter.