Release Date:2008
Imdb Rating:4.3
Director:Ryan Harper
Stars:Victor Abasolo,Cristo Andonares,Marco Antonio,Nerma Betamin,Leticia Casdaneda,Francisco Castaneda,Maria Cavenecia,Christo,Lina del Roble,Yvonne Delarosa,Octavio Garcia,Luis Alberto García,Katherine Hammontre,Raul Hernandez,Sherman Koltz
Storyline:The film is about reincarnation and takes place in a purgatory where the dead still have human form and the world around them looks the same as the living world. However, the people living in this purgatory start to develop animal instincts. Gene, a retiree vacationing in Baja, is learning the instincts of a spider through his dreams and stumbles upon a woman who is destined to be reborn as a caterpillar/moth. The film explores a world where human and animal intertwine as one.