Captain Eager And The Mark Of Voth-2008

Title:Captain Eager And The Mark Of Voth
Release Date:2008
Imdb Rating:4.4
Director:Simon Davison
Stars:Mohamed Alli-Farah,Alexander Andrew,Lindsay Carr,Steve Clark,Laura Clarke,Stephen Collins,Meredith Davison,Russell Grant,Tamsin Greig,Mark Heap,Olivia Hill,Charlie King,Kumari-Bowles. Krishna,Richard Leaf,Matthew Lockwood
Storyline:Captain Eager is resurrected by the sprawling galactic corporation MacroSpace. His mission is to investigate the villainous Colonel Regamun, a maverick 'client' causing trouble in the Veritan Sector, and perhaps in the process uncover the truth behind the mysterious Mark of Voth. Piloting his space rocket the Victory and along with Professor Moon, trusted side-kick Scrutty, Scamp the Space Dog and old flame Jenny, Captain Eager and his team jump in to the digital age to save the day!