Broken Fences-2008

Title:Broken Fences
Release Date:2008
Imdb Rating:4.7
Director:Troy McGatlin
Stars:Jan Van Sickle,Ryan J. Parker,Earla Stewart,Wesley Walker,Robert Himber,Bill LeVasseur
Storyline:Joe lives a life of solitude by choice on a ranch in the mountains of Colorado, asking no one to feel sorry for him. A widower, he has his daily routine of ranch chores interrupted one evening by a call from his just paroled son, Dylan. Dylan is a good kid that has a dark cloud that seems to follow him wherever he goes. He hasn't spoken to his father in years and has nowhere else to go. Reluctantly, Joe takes Dylan in under the condition that he has changed his ways. The two slowly start to repair their rocky relationship when the ill fortune that follows Dylan strikes again. The ensuing incident sets forth a chain reaction of events that will cause dire consequences for everyone involved.