Brideshead Revisited-2008

Title:Brideshead Revisited
Release Date:2008
Imdb Rating:6.7
Director:Julian Jarrold
Stars:Matthew Goode,Patrick Malahide,Hayley Atwell,Thomas Morrison,David Barrass,Anna Madeley,Sarah Crowden,Stephen Carlile,Peter Barnes,Richard Teverson,Joseph Beattie,Ben Whishaw,Roger Walker,Mark Field,Mark Edel-Hunt
Storyline:WWII. Charles Ryder, in his civilian life, rose out of his middle class London background, which includes being an atheist and having a distant relationship with his eccentric father, to become an up and coming artist. He is currently an army officer, who is stationed at a makeshift camp set up at Brideshead estate before imminently getting shipped into battle. The locale, which is not unfamiliar to him, makes him reminisce about what ended up being his doomed relationship with Brideshead's owners, the Flytes, an ostentatiously wealthy family. Charles first met Sebastian Flyte when they both were students at Oxford, where Sebastian surprisingly welcomed Charles into his circle of equally wealthy, somewhat stuck up and flamboyant friends. Charles ended up getting caught up in Sebastian's family struggles, where Sebastian used excessive alcohol to deal with the pain resulting from his family relationships. Although Charles and Sebastian were more than just friends, Charles ultimately ...