Blonde and Blonder-2008

Title:Blonde and Blonder
Release Date:2008
Imdb Rating:2.9
Director:Dean Hamilton
Stars:Pamela Anderson,Denise Richards,Emmanuelle Vaugier,Meghan Ory,Joey Aresco,Garry Chalk,Jay Brazeau,Woody Jeffreys,Kevin P. Farley,John Farley,Byron Mann,Patrick P. Pon,Phoenix Ly,Douglas Newell,Alex Bruhanski
Storyline:Dee and Dawn are two dim-witted, pink-clad, blond ladies whom meet by accident and try to make a living with their dull lives, until a series of circumstances ensue when after they unwittingly take jobs at a local strip club, they are mistaken for two deadly female brunette assassins known only as the Cat and the Kit whom are hired to kill the club owner whom is a mobster in a witness protection program. With two persistent, but inept, FBI agents on their tail, the ditsy Dee and Dawn try to stay one step head of the law, as well as try to figure out what is really going on.