Beer For My Horses-2008

Title:Beer For My Horses
Release Date:2008
Imdb Rating:4.9
Director:Michael Salomon
Stars:Toby Keith,Rodney Carrington,Claire Forlani,Ted Nugent,Barry Corbin,Greg Serano,Tom Skerritt,Gina Gershon,Willie Nelson,Chris Browning,Myk Watford,Carlos Sanz,Chad Brummett,David Allan Coe,Mark Povinelli
Storyline:Bill Racklin is a deputy sheriff in Greer County Oklahoma, the crystal meth capital of the region. His girlfriend leaves him because he's inattentive to her, but things look up when his high-school sweetheart, Annie Streets, returns home to care for her ailing mother. Annie's step-father, Buck Baker, is the local heartless rich guy, buying up farmland. On a stakeout, Rack and two other deputies arrest four men stealing fertilizer to make crystal meth; one of the four is the brother of a notorious Mexican drug dealer. The drug lord arranges Annie's kidnapping and holds her to ransom his brother. Rack and the deputies, prisoner in tow, head for Mexico to rescue her.