Battle For Haditha-2008

Title:Battle For Haditha
Release Date:2008
Imdb Rating:7
Director:Nick Broomfield
Stars:Matthew Knoll,Elliot Ruiz,Eric Mehalacopoulos,Nathan De La Cruz,Andrew McLaren,Jase Willette,Thomas Hennessy,Tony Spencer,Vernon Gaines,Antonio Tostado,Ali Adil Disher,Yasmine Hanani,Siham Rashid,Majd Hijjawi,Falah Abraheem Flayeh
Storyline:In November 2005, US Marines fell into an ambush by Iraqi insurgents and one officer got killed. The reprisals by the the Americans were frightening, resulting in the massacre of 24 people, many of whom women and children. "Battle for Haditha" is the faithful account of this tragic event which scandalized the world.