April Fool's-2007

Title:April Fool's
Release Date:2007
Imdb Rating:3.1
Director:Nancy Norman
Stars:Obba Babatundé,Darrin Dewitt Henson,Aaliyah Franks,Daya Vaidya,Anthony Hixon,Malik Middleton,Ramses Jimenez,Melanie Reif,Ricardo Prosper,Lamorne Morris,G. Lane Hillman,Ricardo Gamboa,Peter E. Pohlhammer,Dane Campbell,John Norman
Storyline:Deanna, 17, a young hottie, seduces Melvin the class nerd, only to set him up for a cruel April Fools' joke. She's joined in her prank by Missy, the goody-two-shoes; her boyfriend Malik, Eva the hip-hop diva; Scoop the jock; and Diego the bad-boy. Feeling bad for Melvin, Missy stops the taunting, but Diego presses the issue until things spiral out of control ... and Melvin is accidentally killed. One year later, on April Fools' Day, each of the teens are targeted and killed in succession. Missy's father, Detective Combs and his partner, Detective Ward, go to work on the case, trying to find out who's behind the killings and stop them before day's end - before they can take Missy's life too.