Angus, Thongs And Perfect Snogging-2008

Title:Angus, Thongs And Perfect Snogging
Release Date:2008
Imdb Rating:6.4
Director:Gurinder Chadha
Stars:Georgia Groome,Aaron Taylor-Johnson,Karen Taylor,Alan Davies,Eleanor Tomlinson,Georgia Henshaw,Manjeeven Grewal,Kimberley Nixon,Sean Bourke,Tommy Bastow,Liam Hess,Eva Drew,Steve Jones,Imogen Bain,Ingrid Oliver
Storyline:Angus the fluffy cat retains its dignity even in a crazy Eastbourne family, unlike them. Eldest daughter Georgia is completely besotted with 'Stiff Dylans' band hottie Robbie, who just moved in from London and helps run an organic groceries shop with his brother Tom, whom her best friend Jas has the hots for. Peter Dyer calls Georgia his best ever kissing-course pupil, but she ignores him and later the brothers' other classmate Dave the Laugh. Robbie was considering to dump haughty Lindsay, but reconsiders given the immature brat's apparent cruelty. Thus manipulative Georgia keeps changing her mind about a grand birthday party and her father's career opportunities as engineer in New Zealand, while mother seems to flirt with hunky interior decorator Jem.