Ace of Hearts-2008

Title:Ace of Hearts
Release Date:2008
Imdb Rating:5.8
Director:David Mackay
Stars:Dean Cain,Britt McKillip,Mike Dopud,Anne Marie DeLuise,David Patrick Green,Burkely Duffield,Daniel Boileau,Zak Santiago,Keith Dallas,Lossen Chambers,John Shaw,Matthew Harrison,Jody Thompson,Dave Lantaigne,Peter Kelamis
Storyline:Officer Daniel Harding is a distinguished member of the K-9 police unit. His partner and best friend is Ace, a police dog. When Ace is accused of mauling a suspect, an overzealous DA convinces police authorities that Ace should be euthanized. Refusing to give up on his beloved companion, Harding's unfaltering belief in his partner and family leads him on a mission to clear his longtime partner's good name.